Tips for Making Online Board Meetings Productive

Tips for Making Online Board Meetings Productive

Many companies have embraced online board meetings, and for good reason. They save time and money while offering a greater variety of opinions on decisions. However, there are a few challenges associated with virtual meeting protocol that can hinder the flow of discussions and hamper productivity.

To ensure a successful meeting, it is essential to keep participants from afar engaged. Utilize video to introduce distant participants and to encourage them to make eye-contact via their webcams. Encourage participation by asking the participants to raise their hands when asked questions or comments. Encourage them to mute themselves when they aren’t speaking to cut down on background noises such as data room mergers and acquisitions for the business pets and children. Set the maximum time for speaking to avoid one person dominating the discussion and avoid boredom. This can be done by listing the timeframes on your agenda, or appointing a team member to serve as a timekeeper.

Make sure your board members are prepared for the meeting ahead of time by distributing an agenda and a list with things they’ll need to be discussing during the call. This will ensure that your board members are prepared and ready to make good decisions. Board members should also be instructed to keep the discussion focused and avoid tangential discussions that could hinder the agenda. It’s recommended that the minutes to be recorded to preserve the discussion and serve as a useful instrument to review the meeting in the future. It is also recommended to send follow-up work after the meeting. This will ensure that all deadlines and issues are met on time.

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