How to Run Safe Board Meetings

How to Run Safe Board Meetings

There are a lot of things districts need to think about when school board meetings resume on a regular schedule. While it is important to allow parents and community members the option of coming in person to speak on behalf of their children, they need to be able to do so in a manner that doesn’t compromise safety or create disruption. Schools and districts should also have plans for removing unsafe or disruptive individuals from the premises.

To ensure a safe and efficient board meeting it is crucial to set a clear agenda. This will help you cover all important issues, while keeping the meeting time to at a minimum. It also makes it easier for attendees.

A clear agenda will also help you avoid overwhelming your guests with lengthy reports and routine items. By clearly identifying what the purpose of each item is (inform or gather information, or make a decision) Your attendees will be able to concentrate on discussions and questions, and avoid being distracted by trivial details.

Lastly, choose reliable software that can be used in both an on-site or virtual setting. It is possible to offer hybrid meetings for those who don’t have access to a private boardroom. It also makes it easy to share documents, document the attendance of attendees and keep minutes of meetings and will lower the chance of hackers gaining access to your data during this time of high-profile public access.

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